liebe grüsse aus dem anthropozän

documentary (2021)

Four young adults explore, contemplate and, in the form of a letter, bid farewell to their favourite natural site. Forests, mountains, glaciers and lakes of overwhelming beauty follow one another, like postcards that attempt vainly to fix these landscapes in place, soon to be transformed by climatic disasters to which this generation will inevitably bear witness. (Camille Kaiser – Visions du Réel)

The work has the intensity of a universal message, which transcends partisan logic or specific complex and controversial issues. Produced by young people, with the point of view of young people, it highlights an awareness that is often not recognized by these generations, obviously the most influential on the future. A desperate appeal and a global challenge to prevent the protagonists’ letters from becoming reality.
(MUSE – Museo delle Scienze)


Writer and Director: Lucas Ackermann
Cinematographer: Yoro Tobler
Editor: Manuel Troxler
Producer: HSLU, Edith Flückiger
Co-Producer: SRF, Urs Augstburger
Production Manager: Stella Händler
Sound-Recorder: Nadine Häusler, Kathleen Moser
Sound Mixing: Hans Peter Gutjahr
Sound Design: Mischa Kissin
Voice Actors: Marieke Gester, Sebastian Schulze
Scenography: Renato Rüfenacht
Compositing: Roman Frei
Graphic Design: Sara Dietrich
Composer: Lev Terner
Flute: Anna Bryusova
Mentors: Mischa Hedinger, Myriam Flury
Financial Support: Südkultur

Cast: Oliver, Tina, Amanda and Stefan