minton: umbruch

fashion (2021)

With airy sounds and unhurried as tectonic plates, we enter a pass in the alps that constitutes the watershed between the basins of the Rhine and the Danube. A place which was already vital to the Roman Empire. A place of great upheaval or: UMBRUCH.

A woman reveals dresses of different textures and shapes, some referencing local traditions, some envisioning future ways. She wanders and wonders, dancing over the rocks and herbs guided by sunlight and into the dark by the water. Her face doesn’t tell the spectator anything, whilst the dresses “APP-ZELL”, “descent”, “Zeltkleid” and “Zellwand” mimic cellular structures. Traces of human existence represented by the dresses and transformed even by the smallest movement. Her gestures constantly shift from one state to another, like a fabric deconstructed by the erratic stone cosmos that surrounds it.

Fashion designer and performance artist MINTON takes us on a journey into the mountain world of the Julier Pass which is guarded by two modern towers and is home to ancient pillars that have guided travellers for the past 3000 years.


Producer: Œ
Cinematographers: Lucas Ackermann, Yoro Tobler
Editor: Gianfranco Bastianelli
Composer: Giulia Bättig
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Emanuel Buholzer
Graphic Design: Luca Balli

Costumes and Performances: Geraldine Diem